Questions, questions

A lot of this blog will just be comments on the excellent blog by Reason.

I find that after reading articles on there my mind immediately has a couple of unanswered questions. Usually to do with how near the technology is to fruition. Or what the remaining problems facing a technology are. I usually search around the web for answers for a bit, often not finding any.

But rather than just posting the questions in comments below the fightaging! articles. I may post them here as well, then post up any answers or information that I later find out.

Fightaging made a post that work on Allotopic Expression of Mitochondrial Genes is Spreading.

My comment was:

That is very good news that this research is spreading.

Does anyone know if:

1 ~ The use of a targeting sequence to get the protein into the mitochondria is the same approach as that being studied by Matthew O’Conner and the SENS foundation?

2 ~ Looking at Matthew “Oki” O’Conner request for funding from I see that ND4 is part of Complex 1 which unfortunately has 6 other proteins from genes kept in the mitochodria rather than the nucleus. Will this approach work for the other 6 proteins in complex 1? What is to stop this working for all 13 proteins/genes?

Lets see what answers I can find…


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