How to deliver cancer inspection devices to cells

I was reading through the archives How to Deliver New Enzymes to Clean Up Aged Cells.

The above blog article was about this paper New Strategies for Enzyme Replacement Therapy for Lysosomal Storage Diseases. It struck me that this could be a general way for getting “DNA Nanobots” inside cells in order to examine the DNA or mRNA to see if they are cancerous. Why is that important. Well I viewed the recent google X video on DNA nanobotsM and the presenter said solving cancer required drugs/treatments that were both specific and dealt with evolved resistance. He said the DNA nanaobots could examine the cells for cancer markers on their surfaces, then deliver 5 drugs at once… but what if the cancer cells evolve resistance by getting rid of the cell surface markers that the DNA Nanobots use? Or can they not do this?

Or could cancer cells just evolve resistance by getting rid of the mRNA that the now intra-cellular Nanobots are looking for? Would this be as easy as getting rid of cell surface markers?


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