Comment on Fightaging’s post on the SENS Foundation’s June 2014 newsletter

My Comment:

I had a look at Dr Sudhir Paul’s video on the SENS website. What I found exciting was the idea that catabolic IgM antibodies that break down Alzheimer’s disease amyloids themselves may avoid the inflammation problem caused by more ‘regular’ IgG antibodies which recruit phagocytes to do the job.

I wonder if any Pharmaceutical company or any teams around the world are actively researching this? Or is Dr Paul way ahead of everyone else in the world in the area of catabolic antibodies.

Of course these catabolic IgM antibodies haven’t yet been shown to break down an amyloid in vivo, which seems to be an important milestone before more people start to take notice.

These catabolic antibodies could be a revolutionary new treatment/technology avenue for extra cellular junk. I wonder if they could also be used to break glucospane? Although maybe that is too tangled for them to get near it, or the bonds are too tough for them to break?


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