On Persuasion as Activism for Rejuvenation Research


My comment:

To be honest I don’t talk to my friends and family about the prospects for life extension technologies, I don’t know how to do it without sounding like a maniac.

I’m thinking the best way I could get them to contribute would be to try and do a fundraising activity (run a marathon or something) to try and raise $2,000, and tell them the money will go towards mitochondrial research, which may then lead to much longer and healthier human lifespans. Or glucospane cross link breaking enzymes, which may lead to more youthful looking skin “Would you like to have younger looking skin? Then sponsor my attempt to raise $1,000 for research into enzymes that break collagen sugar cross links”.

I can’t afford to join the 300 and pay $1,000 per year for the next 25 years (I am sick and working a simple minimum wage job at the moment). But perhaps I could raise some money from my social network, and at the same time get some of my friends actually thinking about the prospects of aging research.

Only problem with that is that I currently have severe allergic respiratory problems that make me bedridden. So the above plan (if it actually makes sense in real life) is on hold.

First things first 1: I need to get my health back, which hopefully going on a clinical trail by the end of the year (and not winding up in the placebo group) will do.

2: Do a rock climb/run time/weight life goal/visit X towns on the coast goal. Try to raise $1,000.

3: If that works try to do it every year.

4: Set up a site or some tools to enable others to do the same thing (answers to FAQs like “why sponsor this research? Isn’t the government paying for it?”).